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"That be as it may, you obviously are also unfamiliar with the Morn Children. If you look on the ground behind you, you will see why the child way 'playing' with you. I believe that is your money pouch?" Dran smiled another of those chilling smiles before walking away.

"Be wary, youngling." his raspy whisper came reached her ears just after he should have passed out of earshot.

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Kyp blinked in astonishment, and quickly picked up her money pouch. Fortunately, Gildenshire's unexpected arrival had kept the child from taking any of the contents inside. She quietly stashed her pouch back into her breeches pocket, figuring that it would stay safe for the moment. She'd find a better place to stow it later.
The encounter involving both mage and thief left her slightly shaken, so she slowly threaded her way through the alleyway; arriving back at the town square. She sat again on one of the benches and settled back, pondering the mage's business in the alleyway.

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Slayn knelt beside the fountain, holding his hands to a small boy's head. His hands glowed faintly with a magical light, and the boy stood motionless as magic coursed through his body. When the light faded, the boy moved again, and to his relief, no trace of the sickness he had suffered until now remained. He thanked Slayn before running to rejoin his parents across the square, and Slayn smiled at the boy and nodded humbly. Turning his head to the side, he noticed the girl from the hotel room sitting at a bench not far off. He rose to his feet and calmly approached her. "Good day, miss..." he said with a bow, "How good of you to come. I've been wandering alone for a while, and your companionship seemed pleasurable at the time... ah..."
Whatever he was about to say was interrupted by a little girl tugging at the hem of his cloak. She was covered in dirt, and looked anything but healthy. Glancing up, he saw there were several others all eyeing him hopefully. Ah... looks like it'll be a long day... he thought, nodding at the girl before resuming his position by the fountain to begin the healing.

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Kassandra entered town, leading a brown mare with a cloth sack tied to its back. Her gaze turned to the gathering crowd but she passed by, heading for the jailhouse. A slender man with shaggy brown hair stepped out, waving at her. Kessa raised her hand in recognition, she was known by the local authorities, "Caught your horse theif and managed to return a couple of the ones he stole. This girl however, " she patted the mare behind, "She actually belonged to him."

"No internal injuries this time?" The man lifted a corner of the sack to reveal a very bruised face.

"No, I actually went easy on him. He will probably be awake in a couple hours."

"The reward will be waiting for you in the morning, at the usual place."

Kassandra nodded, turning back towards the main square. 'Now I wonder what that crowd was about.'

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Kypries returned Slayn's nod, and set off to find something to do. She didn't have very much money, so that ruled out the market.
She quietly picked her way through the incoming crowd of people come to see Slayn, no doubt. She kept a tight grip on her purse, having no wish to relive the events of the morning.
Upon emerging from the mass of people, she began glancing around, looking for a place where she could pass the rest of the time unnoticed.
Unfortunately, she wasn't really concentrating upon where she was looking; and bumped into someone approaching the crowd.

As soon as she had collided with the other person, she snapped to attention.She had knocked over an older woman without even noticing.
"I'm so sorry, m'am!"
She helped the woman up, apologizing profusely. (Kessa)

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Kessa took the girl's hand, grumbling slightly. "No apologies necessary. I should have watched where I was going as well." She began to dust herself off and gave her a small smile. "No harm."

Kassandra then noticed the girl staring at the left side of her face. She realized that her hair had been pushed back and the scarred eye was in plain view. She quickly pulled at a handful of her blonde hair, moving it to cover the eye. For some reason, a self-concious blush crept up her cheeks. Cursing herself for being silly, she turned to leave.

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Kypries apologized again for running into the lady, feeling very incosiderate for staring at her scarred eye.
"Again, I'm sorry. Are you sure you're alright, m'am?"
She was unsure as to what she should do, and she felt quite embarrassed at her behavior.

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Kessa gave a small smile to the girl, though the smile did not reach her eye. "Yes, I am fine. I have walked away from far worse."

Kassandra muttered as she turned to leave. "I should have been looking where I was going." She decided that it would be best to just leave the crowd alone and fine a quiet spot in the woods to set up camp.

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