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Character Guidelines/Template

Thank you for your interest in the Legacy of Shattered Dreams! The world of Asvoria is comprised of many races and more personalities than any one document could ever hope to describe. Therefore, we have the following rules to describe our inhabitants:

*NOTE: It's silly for me to have to go back in and re-approve my own characters since I'm the only mod in this forum, so the following characters of mine are pre-approved: Emirasu, Sphyre Rivana, Serisa, Dae Eredin, Thorn Eredin, Aislyn Nemira, Lucien Nemira, Lujein, Reyna Tearlin, Argus Maragi, Celcia Makalai, Ifria I'calna, Shandris Allura, Omega Shubi, Eivan Ven'Ahrl, and Chaela Valeliel. If I decide to run any others and preapprove them, they will be added to this list. Other characters will require approval for acceptance.

1. Character must be one of the following races: Human, Half-Elf, Elf, Fairy, Dwarf, Spirit (undead with no physical substance; ghosts), Undead (has physical mass, such as a skeleton or ghoul), Monster (Medusa, Cyclops, Ogre, etc. (please specify)), Chimera (magically or artifically created hybrids), Dragon (extremely rare, subject to approval), or Demon (subject to approval). Hybrid races are allowed, but subject to approval. A Fairy-Ogre hybrid is technically possible, but highly unlikely, not to mention JUST PLAIN WRONG. Please be reasonable.

2. Characters will generally hail from one of the twelve major cities (please see the world information post for details on each city) though they may or may not be directly affiliated with that city, the city's element, or anything else. It's possible to be born elsewhere, of course; this is just a suggestion as it will help you define a cultural background, but is not mandatory.

3. Characters MUST choose a main element, and may choose ONE support element as well (or you can stick to one pure element if you prefer.) This choice will affect your character's magical abilities, but has no bearing on class, weaponry, etc. Cases of a person using more than two elements are extremely rare; Dae Eredin and Sphyre Rivana are the only two such beings known to exist in all of Asvoria. The elements, along with their representative color and gemstone and a brief description are as follows:
Earth (Yellow, Topaz): Dominion over rocks and soil. The power to shield from the elements or strike down those who would harm the planet.
Wood (Brown, Tiger's Eye): Dominion over plants and creatures. The power of nature to entangle one's foes, or provide shelter in time of need.
Water (Blue, Sapphire): Dominion over seas and rivers. The power to wash away enemies, and refresh the life of one's friends.
Ice (Cyan, Aquamarine): Dominion over frost and snow. The power to freeze in an icy tomb, or act as shield from the flames of destruction.
Light (White, Diamond): Dominion over the Stars and Light. The power to blast away evil in a flash of light, and heal the most grievous of wounds.
Time: (Silver, Tanzanite): Dominion over the flow of Time. The power to slow one's foes while speeding one's friends toward victory.
Fire (Red, Ruby): Dominion over flame and lava. The power to burn away anything in one's path.
Spirit (Orange, Amber): Dominion over the supernatural. The power to summon vengeful spirits to one's side, or crush with the power of one's will.
Wind (Green, Emerald): Dominion over the air. The power to bind and slash one's enemy apart with the power of the air, summon great storms against an opponent, or to shield, especially against non-magical attacks.
Lightning (Magenta, Pearl): Dominion over Lightning. The power to electrocute foes with a paralyzing force.
Darkness (Black, Onyx): Dominion over Darkness and the evils contained therein. The power to snuff out all Light and end life.
Poison (Purple, Amethyst): Dominion over harmful effects. The power to slowly torture an enemy from the inside, or temporarily turn them to your cause.

4. Please post these profiles "In Character" as much as possible. Think of it as your character writing about themselves, not as you, the writer, filling out the form. If you must be Out of Character, please indicate this by typing in double parentheses. ((Like this.)) First person responses are, therefore, preferred. (Saying "I am" instead of "Emirasu is".) The exception to this is the Sample RP.

5. There is to be NO sexually explicit content posted here. You may say that your character was raped or otherwise abused as part of their backstory if it is relevant, but do ~NOT~ go into graphic detail. Sexual content in the Sample RP should not be necessary; it is nearly impossible for your character to develop that level of relationship in a three paragraph post. Failure to comply with this warning will result in suspension from this forum and a warning along with whatever other disciplinary action the site administrator deems necessary.

6. Please copy and paste the following template into your profile. It has been placed here with the understanding that you have read the above rules.

Name: First and Last Name; middle is optional, name may not have a last depending on race. (Monsters for example only have a single name. Dragons will be their father's name, then an apostrophe, then their own. For example: Ven'ahrl is 'Ahrl, the Son of Ven.')
Age: In human years, please.
Gender: Male, female, or undetermined(certain monsters only?)
Birthdate: (optional, you may use the standard human calendar or omit this field if you wish.)
Hair color: What color(s) is/are your hair?
Hair style: Describe your lovely locks or the lack thereof.
Eye color: (If 2 different colors, please specify which color is for which eye)
Skin tone: Black as ebony? Pale as snow? Tell us here!
Height: In feet and inches, please; if you wish to list metric, please list both versions.
Race: Read above for the available races.
Outfit: What do you wear (or do you go nude? This of course is still considered socially unacceptable in this world, except in the case of a dragon or some monsters, but will be allowed so long as you keep the site PG-13. Saying you're a nudist is fine... giving us graphic details is not. Any pictures must also be sufficiently censored if this is the case.)
Notable other characteristics: Fangs? Wings? Scars? Tattoos? Anything of the sort may go here.
Main hand (if you have hands): Right, Left, or Ambidextrous?
City of Origin: Your birthplace, preferably one of the main cities.
Weaponry: What you use to fight with, aside from magic.
Fighting Style: How do you fight? Do you use close armed combat? Ranged attacks? Martial arts? Mostly magic?
Occupation: What you do for a living, or did before you decided to save/destroy the world.
Affiliation: Please specify an alignment and stick as close as you can unless the storyline alters it. If you wish to be mysterious, or cannot decide, please list yourself as Neutral.
Main Element: The primary attack or defense spells you use will be from this school. This is what you are most proficient in, but does not need to match any race or origin in particular.
Support Element: A secondary element that may contribute a few skills, but will be far less important than your main choice.
Personality: Tell us who you are behind your flesh (or ectoplasm.) Let us get to know the real YOU!
Likes: One to three things you enjoy.
Dislikes: One to three things you do NOT enjoy.
Fears: What scares or worries you? Tell us what steals your sleep at night, or what you see in the dark when you're alone!
Quote: Tell us something your character would say, or a phrase or saying that gives us a feel for your character. (optional)
Special Abilities: What your character can do. This is everything from weapon proficiency to magic schools (individual spells need not be specified, but powergaming will result in a warning and may require you to modify your character.)

History: Give us a description of your character's history. Be as long or as brief as you like, but bear in mind this is where we really learn about you, so a one-sentence response will not receive a favorable response. Similary, gross detail without telling us anything is just as useless.

Sample RP: Give us one to three paragraphs as a sample roleplay. More than this, while fascinating, tends to bog this down. This is just a profile, so there's no need to be overly wordy. I of all people know how easy it is to get carried away with writing, but you'll have plenty of time for that in the forums.

***If we have doubts after reading this, we reserve the right to require you to modify the profile and/or do an audition in a test thread before final approval. Failure to comply in a timely manner will result in a warning, followed by deletion of your character thread.***