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Name: Emirasu (No last name)
Age: I am 32 by the human calendar.
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 8/23
Hair color: Sapphire Blue
Hair style: My hair is long with short bangs in the front. It hangs over my right shoulder in the front, and comes down to the middle of my back. My bangs are parted more to the right so as not to hide my face; what does a girl with my looks have to hide? ...Alright, so I try to cover my red eye as much as possible! You would too if everyone saw you as an outcast!
Eye color: My right eye is a vibrant red, a mark of my proud monstrous lineage, and my left eye is a deep, sultry blue... a perfect match for my mostly human body.
Skin tone: My skin is only slightly darker than that of a standard human. My face has several freckles which are darker yet on either cheek.
Height: I stand 5 feet and seven inches tall. (5'7")
Race: I... er... Human. and Monster. Really, it's a cross between the two; my mother was a succubus, and my father was a human. He saved her life or something, so she didn't eat his soul, and somehow in the mix of it all, I was born.
Outfit: Well, I COULD go nude... the monsters don't really care much one way or the other. But you humans are so concerned with "protecting your youth"; last I checked, seeing a pretty girl naked was something most human men LIKED. Such a contradiction... ...ah, but to the point.
I wear a dark red dress that has been tattered near the bottom over time; it was a gift from my father, so I can't bear to part with it despite the imperfections.
I wear a crimson string wraped in a criss-cross pattern all down my right arm which goes around my left side under the armpit and ties in the back; it has a silver ring on my ring finger to help hold it in place as well.
I also wear a green scarf which I found recently in the city of Arc te Larium; it has a runic inscription, but I'm not entirely sure what it says as it's written in an ancient dialect.
I wear a silver choker around my neck with an emblem of the world of Asvoria in the center. Below that, I wear a necklace with a golden sun behind a silver crescent moon.
On my left wrist, I wear a crimson bracelet with a 5-point inverted star and a cross inlaid inside it. It represents a balance of good and evil.
My socks are white, and my boots were once black leather. Time has worn them down, and they now have several holes.
I guess I'm sort of sentimental about the outfit; I really should get a new one, but I just can't bring myself to do it for some reason. Oh well.
Notable other characteristics: ...Tch... of course you'd hit a girl's soft spot... ...I have a tattoo on my left arm that was placed on me as a sort of 'brand' much like the ones some humans use to mark their livestock. It is a symbol of my tribe; a cross surrounded by three hearts, with three rays of light emanating from the left and right sides. The mark itself is solid black.
And now... the sensitive one. I had wings, once. They were glorious... I was the apple of many an eye for quite some time, until the war began. After the events of the war, my wings were forcibly ripped from my conscious body and I was left to die. I was saved by a man whose face I cannot remember, but will bear the hideous, jagged, crescent-shaped scars on my back for the rest of my life.
Main hand (if you have hands): I prefer my right hand.
City of Origin: I was initially born near Arc te Larium, which is now a ruined city upon a lifeless island...
Weaponry: I wield a staff to better harness my magical abilities. It is a golden staff, inlaid with silver runes; the base is a budding rose, and the headpiece is a wavy U-shaped opening with a small wing-like protrusion on either side nearer the shaft. There is a circular section below this inlaid with alternating rubies and sapphires. Below this circular section, and just above the base, are floating red and blue rings suspended with magic. At the base of the headpiece is a silver cross; in the center of the 'U' is a red pentagram in a circle held by 5 red beams of magical energy. Above this, floating in midair, is a magical 6-pointed crystal; it changes from lavender to rose coloring as light hits it differently, and emits a soft rose-colored glow. This staff is the embodiment of both light and dark magic, and complements my powers perfectly.
Fighting Style: I am able to use my staff to fend off close-range attackers, but the majority of my arsenal is composed of Magic, particularly in the School of Light, but also in the School of Darkness.
Occupation: I am a sorceress who wanders the world in search of the man in black.
Affiliation: Chaotic Good
Main Element: Light
Support Element: Darkness
Personality: I wish I could tell you who I really am... but I will try despite my inadequacies. I am often confused due to my split heritage; I am an outcast to both humans and monsters, and while most would be resentful, I simply wish to know why. I have saved others from the brink of death by luck, and I have ruined lives without intention. I have seen War, and I have seen Peace. And through it all, I still do not know the difference between 'Right' and 'Wrong'. I do know that I want to do what is correct, but I know that every living soul has a different idea of what is correct. I am not particularly cheerful, but sadness does not hold the answers either. I enjoy getting attention from the men, but I do not pursue them anything like a full-blooded Succubus might. Overall, I suppose I would be seen as mostly gloomy and neutral unless there is a clear choice before me.
1. Men - It must be my mother's blood in me... *wink* I'm half-human though, so I have no desire to eat their souls. Playing with their emotions can be rather fun, though. *mischievous smile*
2. Soft snow - it is neither truly solid nor truly liquid. Anything that is an in-between is fascinating...
3. Fireworks - They're beautiful, perhaps one of the most beautiful things a human has ever created. ((Argus is an inventor and will use fireworks, which will be her first time seeing them.))
1. War - When you've seen how brutal and pointless it is, you grow to hate it rather quickly. People and monsters slaying, destroying, ravaging the land, and for what? Money? Power? Nothing can be worth such a price...
2. Dwarves - I don't HATE them, persay, but I find them crude, vile, and utterly annoying. There's also the fact that there has been constant conflict between them and our sister-city of Rhevana... I can't say exactly, but I just don't like them. I truly hope I never have to visit one of their foul cities...
3. People talking about wings. It is a ~VERY~ sensitive topic for me, and every time I hear it, the memory of the overwhelming, unbearable pain rushes in and erases all conscious thought... Please, PLEASE do not talk about my wings... AAAAAAHHH, it hurts just writing this much!!! *sobs*
Fears: I will not lie and say I fear nothing, but few things truly bother me after the pain I have suffered and the atrocities of war I have witnessed... though I do fear for my friends' safety after my experiences, and do not wish to see them hurt. This is more a worry than a true fear; the only image that truly frightens me is the memory of the ones who ripped my wings from my back. The pain was unbearable, and I never want to feel that again.
Quote: "The brighter a light shines, the darker the shadow it casts will become." or "A light shines brightest in the darkness." If Light and Darkness are not balanced, they will become balanced. When one grows in power, so too will the other.
Special Abilities:
I am proficient in the basic use of a staff, to the point I can smack you over the head if you try to flip my skirt. I am also trained in the most basic of feral fighting forms, and will use tooth, nail, and foot-to-the-groin techniques if I am forced to fight unarmed and without magic. Typically, however, I will focus on Light and Dark magic to get my work done, and melee combat rarely becomes a necessity beyond parrying a blow every once in a while.

History: 10 years ago, I was forced into a war between the humans and the monsters. It all happened on the Isle of Darkness, in the great final battle for the city of Arc te Larium. You see, this city was fueled by magical energy and had developed a magical system known as the 'Mana Nexus' to dramatically amplify the flows of magic within the city, to the point that it could, in theory, supply magical power to anywhere in the world. The humans of course learned of this, and, realizing the potential of such a thing, staged an invasion on the Isle of Darkness which immediately erupted into all-out war.

If the monsters controlled the Nexus, the magical energy would run wild and destroy the human cities, returning all of Asvoria to a primitive, natural state so rich in magical energy that no human could survive it's saturated climate (as was the device's initial intent.) If the humans controlled it, they could eradicate the monsters and develop weaponry and technology beyond their wildest dreams; however, their power would almost certainly go mad, leading them ultimately to their own destruction in accordance with their tendencies. It was a war not just for a mere city, but one that would shape the very future of the world!

I was raised by the monsters, but was regarded as an outcast due to my human appearance. I was denied the chance to join the war effort, and with my mother dead, I had no reason to continue supporting the monsters. It was at this time that I learned what the activation of the Nexus would mean; I had no intention of allowing the humans to be destroyed, for I still had blood-ties with them through my father. My efforts to join the humans in hopes of possibly reuniting with my father's people instead of my mother's were met with a hail of arrows and fireballs from their archers and magi, and I was lucky to escape with my life. When I returned, however, I was regarded as a traitor and was chased from the city as well.

With nowhere to turn, I retreated to a nearby hillside and watched helplessly as my kin on both sides mercilessly slew each other. I wept for hours, unsure of what to do or where to go, but sure that the end was near. Regardless of the side that won this war, tragedy would surely befall all the inhabitants of Asvoria... yet even as I stood and screamed to the wind for answers, asking why the world was so unfair, I heard a firm voice behind me speak, "Do you wish to know the truth...?"

I was stunned, having thought I was alone. I cannot clearly remember him, save that he was clad entirely black and bore many chains upon his body; his eyes were also hidden behind a chained blindfold. My first impression was that he was either a prophet or a magi; he was human, so perhaps he simply wanted to end the war without the bloodshed? His face bore a confidence despite his blindness, and his voice spoke as if it bore authority over kings. Wiping the tears from my eyes, I whispered softly, "Yes..."

He spoke at length of the events on both sides of the war, and of the outcome if either side were victorius. His words are long since lost to history, save for the last thing he said, "The truth is that there is no "right" and no "wrong"; there are simply two sides to the equation, each seeking to better itself. This war will end in tragedy if either side succeeds; the only solution, therefore, is to ensure that BOTH sides lose this war. The Mana Nexus is the cause of this conflict... remove the Nexus, and you remove the reason for this war..."

I realized, or rather, thought I realized, that he was correct, though I did not understand then the true depth of what he meant, nor did I ever think to question his intentions. I assumed it would simply be destroyed, and peace would be restored. Oh, how foolish and naive I was... Regardless, I accepted his offer of help, and was given a large prismatic sphere about the size of my head, which he called the 'Sphere of Dreams'. I was told to approach the Nexus and thrust the Sphere into its core; this would overload the Nexus and ensure that neither the human armies nor the monster armies could ever use its terrible power.

I agreed to this, and he used his magic to warp me into the central chamber at the center of Arc te Larium. Having the element of surprise, I was able to quickly dispatch the guards in the room without alarming any others to my presence. The swirling blue and violet hues of the mana Nexus spiraled before my eyes, dancing in such an enchanting and beautiful way that I could not bear to take my eyes off of it. Nevertheless, I grit my teeth and cast my trust on the man in black, hoping that he was correct. With a sudden burst of determination, I cast the Sphere of Dreams into the Nexus, and was spellbound by what I saw next.

The Sphere hovered toward the center of the Nexus, emitting a shrill piercing noise as it shone with a brilliance to match the sun. I cast my eyes away, but could still feel the sheer wrongness in the air; the air grew heavy, the torches lighting the room flickered and died, and the magical energy swirled with such ferocious intensity that the ground itself began to tremble. Though I knew the Sphere was supposed to overload the system, I had not been warned of any ramifications or danger, and had hoped it would be a contained reaction. I was wrong.

I attempted to crawl away, but knew that I would never reach an exit in time; there were still guards further up, so even if I did escape, I would only die by their blades instead. The Sphere pulsed light violently, the shrieking noise growing ever louder, and I felt as if my head would explode from the sound alone. Realizing that there was no possible escape, I did the only thing I could and erected the most powerful shield I could muster, channeling every ounce of magical energy I had into maintaining this barrier.

By this time, guards were swarming down the stairs to investigate the noise, and they arrived to see me at the center, shielding myself in desperation. Seeing this, their mages hastily erected a barrier of their own, and just in time. The explosion shot outward, blue and violet flames engulfing everything; it was everything I could do to resist the blast's power, and even then, I knew I could not hold it long. The flames licked greedily at everything they touched, melting flesh and stone alike into ash that dissipated in the winds of the vortex as soon as it appeared. Unable to resist a blast of such magnitude, I was flung backward and slammed into a wall, my shield fading as the last of the flames dissipated; I truly should have died, and can only assume that one of the magi in the barrier behind me had shielded me. I looked up only for a moment to see melted stones, charred earth, and azure flames flickering all around the once-great city of Arc te Larium. No more. The city I was born in... the city I had loved... the city I had sought to save... was no more. And worst of all... it was all because of me.

I awoke some time later to find myself lying naked and bound in the center of the crater. Three magi stood around me, and a large ogre stood behind them, a menacing look in his eyes. One of the magi, presumably their leader, spoke angrily, "FOOLISH GIRL!!!" he spat, kicking me in the face before continuing, "Do you have ANY ~IDEA~ WHAT YOU HAVE JUST DONE?!" he screamed, his face contorted with rage, "YOU have ensured the damnation of our city!" he said with another kick, this one to the side, "Of all monsters!" he said, striking me with his staff, "And of ALL our hopes and dreams!!" he finished, stepping heavily on my chest as he pressed his staff violently against my throat. Tears streamed down my face; I was unable to move, unable to speak, and unable to use magic; I was completely defenseless, and knew that he was right.

Before he could continue with my beating, a guard approached him and whispered something into his ear. He grunted angrily, saying something about "humans coming to finish the job" and "finishing me quickly." I thought they were going to kill me, and truthfully wished that they would. I was a fool. I was a traitor. I was a failure. In every way, I deserved death. But death is a mercy the monsters refused to bestow upon me... instead, the magi nodded at the ogre, who grinned sadistically. The ogre approached me and grabbed me by my hair, dangling my naked and beaten body in the air so all the spectators could witness my humiliation and see me brought to their terrible justice. Satisfied, he threw me angrily to the floor like a ragdoll, my face colliding hard with the floor. Still crying, I prayed that the end would come swiftly, and was at first thankful when he stepped heavily on my back, thinking he would crush me flat. But that was not his intention; instead, he gripped both of my wings firmly and laughed deeply, a laugh that would send chills down the spine of anyone in the vicinity. I realized in horror what they intended, and weakly tried to scream, "" was all I could manage before he pulled backward, violently tearing the wings from my back, leaving two gaping wounds pouring crimson on my back. "AAAAHHH~!" was all I could manage before my voice was silenced by the sheer pain and I collapsed.

I awoke once more some time later to find myself lying in a cave by a campfire, a blanket thrown over me and my clothes neatly folded to the side. I was needless to say horribly shocked at this turn of events, and quickly rose to sit up, ignoring my shame. The pain immediately shot through me, and I fell forward, nearly falling into the fire. My vision blurred with pain, I raised my head slightly to get a feel for my surroundings, and saw a man walking toward me. Naturally, I yelped, and pulled the blanket closer to cover myself, but as my vision cleared, I realized it was the same blind man who had sent me to destroy the town in the first place. What the hell was going on here?!

Realizing he could not see me set me somewhat more at ease, as he also seemed to have no intention of taking advantage of me. I was still wary of him after these recent events, but was sure he could explain himself; it had to have been a mistake. Something had gone wrong... there was still hope for the city... it had all been a dream... The pain shot through my back once more, and I knew that this was only wishful thinking. Lying down on my stomach to avoid any further injury, I spoke without facing him, "W...hy... why...?" I said, tears rolling down my cheeks once more. He replied coolly, "Everything went perfectly... the war is over. The wounds of your body are nothing to concern yourself with; every physical wound will heal with time. The wounds of your heart, however, cut much deeper. I wonder if you will survive...?"he said, the sound of his footsteps echoing as he walked slowly out of the cave, leaving me alone.

He never came back. I found that he had brought me to a cave north of the human city of Bloom, and had apparantly tended my wounds. I am not sure how I got there, or why I was left alive to suffer with this pain, but for whatever reason, I was given a second chance at life. What was right? What was wrong? Even what seemed so right turned out to spell disaster... I found later that the humans had utterly destroyed the monsters in Arc te Larium, and the city itself was now a melted ruin without a single survivor aside from myself. Having failed to achieve their goal, they had left, and had began preparations to deal with the monster threat elsewhere, convinced that the entire war had been a trap set for them.

From this time forward, I wandered the world searching for clues to the mysterious man in black. Who WAS this man? Why did he save me? Why did he have me destroy my city in the first place? What did he truly want? And why had he left me alive with only such cryptic words? I made it my goal to find him; to seek out the truth, and right all the wrongs of my past.

Sample RP: Emirasu walked down the cobbled street, her staff tapping the ground in time with her footsteps. The simple wooden houses with thatched roofs blended wonderfully with the fields of flowers of every color surrounding the city. It made Emirasu, in her dark red dress and green scarf, feel almost like one more flower amidst the myriad that gave the city of Bloom its name.

A gentle breeze swirled in the air, blowing Emirasu's sapphire-hued hair softly behind her, and she inhaled to notice the pleasing smells of freshly-baked pies mixed with the aromatic floral fragrance of the millions of flowers. Birds sung from the rooftops, and a minstrel was playing a rousing melody in the town square not far off, his notes carrying down the alleys of the marketplace. A nice day, Emirasu thought, It always feels so peaceful here. Of all the cities in Asvoria, this is definitely the most relaxing place to spend my time.

Emirasu stopped at a small shop selling jewelry, one of the items for sale having caught her eye. She took a closer look to see that it was a necklace in the shape of a golden sun, eight twisting golden rays going out from the center. Atop the sun was a silver waning crescent moon partially eclipsing the sun. Her fingers ran along the fine silver chain, her eyes practically glittering in awe as she eyed this simple, yet magnificent piece of craftmanship. "It's beautiful..." she said in a half-whisper. "Fancy that piece, do ye lass?" came the voice from the merchant, a dashing young man in his early twenties. "Ah... yes. It's a lovely necklace... how much does it cost...?" she asked, brushing her hair away from her eye and winking slightly. The man grinned and replied with a smile, "Normally that'd fetch twenty silver pieces, but for ye, lass... I'd part with it for the price of a kiss." Emirasu smiled and laughed softly at his comment, pursing her lips in thought for a moment before replying. "In that case... I suppose I'll take it." she said, bending forward and giving the man a quick kiss. He grinned widely, having clearly thought she would refuse the offer, but honored his promise and gave her the necklace. "Now come again lass, any time ye like!" he said happily, a large grin still plastered on his face as she put on the necklace and walked off into the crowd.