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[Out of Date] - Posting rules - read before posting anywhere

*NOTE: This post is severely out of date and does not reflect the current rules. For the current rules, see the appropriate post announcement that should show in every forum*

Okay here's the fun part where I tell you what you can and cannot do ;-)
1: Please try to spell correctly. Character accents are fine, but don't go overboard.

2: Only post in ENGLISH. If I can't read it, or it looks like giberrish, it probably won't last.

3: All Story Board posts should be in third person (He/She, not I/Me)

4: Don't flame stupid users. That's MY job. I'll decide who the stupid ppl are and take appropriate action ;-)

5: No killing player characters or main characters without approval from the player or a moderator.

6: Please don't double post unless you have something new to add or it's been a while since the last post.

7: Keep the posts clean - If I wouldn't want my little sister to see it, I probably don't want it on the board. i.e.
a) no explicit sexual content
b) no excessive foul language
c) no incredibly graphic gory scenes

8: No links to sites or pages that violate any part of rule 7.

9: No powergaming! For an explaination of powergaming, read this article:

10: Use common sense - if it seems to be against the spirit of these rules, don't do it. You can have fun, but not at other players expense.

That's not too hard is it? Any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post in the appropriate area or PM myself or another admin or moderator.

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