[Locked][Beta] Account Link mod for phpBB3

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[Locked][Beta] Account Link mod for phpBB3

This topic is very much out of date. Future updates will be announced as individual topics.

MOD Title: Linked Accounts
MOD Description: Link accounts so that users can switch between them
MOD Version: 0.7.3
Tested with: phpBB3 3.0.4

MOD Download: Here
phpBB.com Support topic: Account Links

This mod is intended for RP forums, but works for any forum that allows a user to have multiple accounts. It allows a user to link all of his accounts and switch between them without logging out.

The whole thing is designed as a module to minimize changes to the core... only two single line additions to the the core code and one line placed anywhere in a template file are needed to add the Account Switch box to any page.

8/27/07 Version 0.5.1
Replace some development files were accidentally put into the 0.5.0 archive.

8/27/07 Version 0.5.2 (Downloaded 32 times)
account_switch_form function now uses language variables

10/17/07 Version 0.5.3 (Downloaded 20 times)
  • Updated password checks to use phpbb_hash_check (for phpBB 3.0 RC7)
  • Change all sql_update_limit to sql_update for pgSQL compatibility. The queries should all be specific enough to not need the limit (but the extra load sucks :-/ ) (Thanks mhorst)
  • Fixed autologin cookie issues (Thanks mhorst)

11/27/07 Version 0.5.4 (Downloaded 72 times)
  • updated forms to use $phpbb_root_path instead of assuming a path of './' (broke one of my own wrapper)
  • Corrected a couple typos in the code (Thanks iamgregg)
  • Change Account Switch Form to use a template. (TheMiNd)

6/5/08 Version 0.5.5 (Downloaded 49 times)
  • Update to phpBB 3.0.1 and MODX 1.2.0
  • [Cleanup] Removed function account_switch_form (Not used since 0.5.3)
  • [Bug Fix] Set variables to prevent 'unset' warnings in functions_linked_acct.php (Thanks Scriptmaster10)
  • [Bug Fix] Removed quotes in SQL (Thanks Frug)
  • [Bug Fix] Can't link users with single quotes (') in name (Thanks MydnyteSyn)
  • [Bug Fix] Can't link users with non-english characters in name (Thanks 'Christa)
  • Added UCP module install instructions to MODX
  • Added 'documentation' comments and headers
  • Fixed several errors in root/styles/prosilver/template/ucp_linked_acct.html
  • [Bug Fix] prosilver UCP Template always switches users on press Enter

10/5/08 Version 0.7.0 (Downloaded 45 times)
  • Update to phpBB 3.0.2 and MODX 1.2.1
  • Simplify edits
  • Rename files, functions, and variables for consistancy
  • [Bug Fix] /styles/prosilver/template/account_link_form.html was missing
  • [New Feature] Moderators can link accounts (incomplete) (Thanks Rotsblok)
  • [Request] Redirect back to page after switch (Natural-Hazard)
  • [Request] Added MCP module (Thanks Rotsblok)

1/2/09 Version 0.7.1 (Downloaded 16 times)
  • Update to phpBB 3.0.3
  • Fix ModX for files added in 0.7.0
  • [Request] Added en-us language file (Popeston)
  • [bug fix] Blank pages / Errors if no users are linked (Thanks Valace)
  • [bug fix] Only variables can be passed by reference (Thanks WDaquell)

1/29/09 Version 0.7.2 (Downloaded 17 times)
  • [Bug Fix] Clear autologin cookie before switching users (Thanks Khamosh-Saya and Arkos)
  • [Bug Fix] Check for subnit buttons doesn't work with accented characters (Thanks Arkos)
  • [New Feature] Added French Language (Thanks 'Christa)
  • [Request] account_link_form.html works w/o submit button (mitthoo)

2/17/09 Version 0.7.3 (Downloaded 2 times)
  • Update to phpBB 3.0.4 and ModX 1.2.2
  • Renamed instructions to install.xml (per MODX instructions)
  • Added 'ACCOUNTS_NOT_LINKED' to English language file (Need updates for other languages)
  • Fixed error message when trying to switch to an account not linked to the current one.
  • [Bug Fix] account_link_form.html REALLY works w/o submit button (Thanks Natural-Hazard)
  • [Bug Fix] subsilver2's ucp_account_link.html had an extra field that did nothing...

2/17/09 Version 0.7.3a (Downloaded 116)
  • [Bug Fix] Can't switch to first account in list (Thanks Natural-Hazard)

To Do:
  • Add Admin/Moderator functions
  • * Mods can see linked accounts
  • * Admins can see/change account links
  • * [REQ Rotsblok] made so that only admins and or mods can link accounts

You can download the latest version here

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Re: [Beta] Account Link mod for phpBB3

I'd really like to download this mod but the attachment link doesn't appear to be working. Is it no longer available?
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Re: [Beta] Account Link mod for phpBB3

Odd... I guess I lost the file in the recent remodel of the site... The download links have been updated to the new sourceforge.net links, now. Also, around the first of the year, I'll be packaging up a new version that has some new features and a couple bug fixes.
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