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[Nexus] The Nexus Library

The Keeper of Knowledge roamed restlessly around his library. His eyes searching every grand column, every wall, every shelf.

This was a unique place, a special place. These walls existed in many places and in none. Where waking worlds touch dreaming worlds, as all do, there is a... space. There is no better word for it. Some powerful minds are able to visit this place, though few truly realize what they've done. Some attempt to create their dreams in the waking world. The most powerful of those succeed. When a Dreamer of any world creates something from the Dream, it sometimes takes on a piece of the Dream... and sometimes becomes a part of the Dream. This was one such place. Many great minds had created this very library in many worlds. Each of those worlds have a door to this Nexus Library.

But time passes and worlds change. Sometimes the great Libraries that connect to the Nexus are destroyed - and sometimes just lost. Earth's Library of Alexandria was one of those. And Torân's Conclave Library. But the Keeper had seen a young lady from Earth and on shape-shifter from Torân here, recently. Earth, he could see... the great library there was destroyed - perhaps another Dreamer had built one. But Torân... the library to his own world was lost... sealed by the world's Closing. How did she get here, and what did it mean? Surely the kageh didn't miss the significance. It too would be searching for the door to Torân.
Each of us dreams. In mine, I see my home--Lost to me, perhaps for all time. In His, the home He desired was made whole and real. Yet, you tell me we are the same?

It cannot be.