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The dethroned mischief god.
Grevin was once the powerful patron of thieves and mischief-makers. Now, however, he is little more than a pitiful shadow. Toward the beginning of the Age of Trial, he stole the Hammer of Brogund from it's home in the possesion of Brogund Kreshverak's son. In response the entire Thoringun clan of dwaves set out to exterminate Grevin's followers, driving the few survivors into hiding.

Because the Hundred's powers are linked to their worshipers, Grevin was left crippled and nearly powerless, and his once mighty priesthood became little more than a cult, now often thought to be mere rumor. His few remaining followers do exist, and constsntly seek an opportunity to revive their once powerful god. Their hatred for dwarves is bred into them from the crib, along with a thirst for revenge.

Dwarves also harbor a mutual hatred, and will often risk their very lives to destroy just one of the Mischief God's followers.

In his power, his chosen form was of a young boy in fine clothes, always wearing an impish grin and plotting grief for others, mortal and divine alike.