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Game worlds

The Open RP forum exists as a starting place for game worlds. It is not necessary that you choose one of these worlds for your posts, but if you do, please let us know in your post subject, for example: "[Nexus] A Most Unusual Library"

If you would like to add your own setting to this list, feel free to do so. Just leave us enough information that we can join in!

The Nexus Library - tag: [Nexus]

At some point in almost every civilization a Great Library is constructed. By some twisting of the fabric of the multiverse, there is almost always a door concealed from most eyes that leads to the great Nexus Library. The Nexus exists in a pocket dimension that touches many worlds. Watched over by a man known only as the "Keeper of Knowledge" and his librarian staff, This library holds the massed knowledge of each world it has ever touched.

A Feudal Era - tag: [AFE]

Set in Feudal Japan around 500 years ago, this world of demons and magic-wielding priests is based on the InuYasha manga and anime series. Please do not try to interact with main story characters (InuYasha, Kagome, Naraku, etc.). We're borrowing the setting, not stealing the characters.
Each of us dreams. In mine, I see my home--Lost to me, perhaps for all time. In His, the home He desired was made whole and real. Yet, you tell me we are the same?

It cannot be.